Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ukulele Sizes

Sizes? It does matter! LOL.

The scale, length, and fret specs are just averages; different manufacturer may use different dimensions.

Soprano (or standard)
Scale length: 13-14 in.
Usually tuned: GCEA
Frets: 12-14
About 21 in. long from head to toe.

The smallest size in the ‘ukulele family, the soprano has the recognizable “clinky” sound that everyone associates with the instrument. The soprano ukulele is played by many of the Hawaiian musicians.

• The “clinky” re-entrant sound (ukulele signature sound).
• Easily portable.

• Small frets might be a challenge to some.

Scale length: 15-16 in.
Usually tuned: GCEA
Frets: 14-17
About 23 in. long from head to toe.

The concert sized ukulele spans the gap between the “clinky” soprano sound and the fuller tenor sound. The concert is bigger sounding to the soprano.

•The middle ground: fuller tone and “clinky” re-entrant sound.
•Better finger room on fret board (compare with soprano).
•None that I know of.

Scale length: 17-18 in.
Usually tuned: GCEA (sometimes DGBE)
Frets: 17-19
About 26 in. long from head to toe.

The tenor ukulele is becoming more popular. People are getting use to its not-so-traditional sound (“fuller” and less “clinky”). Most professional ukulele players prefer the tenor; the longer scale gives their fingers more room to hold challenging chords.

•Big full sound
•Longer scale keeps a low G string tighter
•None that I know of.

Scale length: 19-20 in.
Usually tuned: DGBE (sometimes GCEA)
Frets: 19-21+
About 30 in. from head to toe.

The baritone is like a small guitar minus the two top strings. Unlike the other ukulele sizes, the baritone is almost exclusively strung with a low top string. The sound is very much fuller than the others.

•For guitar players; similar tuning for and chord structures.
•Chord structures are different from the former three.

Are they any other sizes?

Yes. There are the sopranino (a little smaller than the soprano), super soprano (soprano with concert scale) and super concert (concert with tenor scale). However, I am uncertian if there are any super tenor.

What is Ukulele?

The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of a small guitar-like instrument brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants – The Cavaquinho. It gained great popularity elsewhere in the United States during the early 20th century, and spread world wide from there. Japan has probably the most ukulele players, per capital, in the world.

Tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Ukuleles come in four standard-shaped sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

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